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"We sell Solutions, not products"

PC Services is a consulting company based in Reading, Berks., United Kingdom, about 40 miles West of London. The company covers General, Scientific, Industrial and Medical computing (on systems from embedded to much larger), using many methods including Image Processing, Process Control, and more. This is supplied in many forms, from consulting through providing a specificiation to supplying a complete system.

PC Services, can provide consultancy and contracting services for - Embedded Computing, Education, General, Scientific, Industrial and Medical Computing, web site design/hosting, system configuartion and maintenance. Using various technologies to suit the requirements of each application, areas already covered range from 'Payroll to body-scanners'.

News (April 2016)

Add more sections on website detailing recent releases.

News (March 2016)

Released simple task Scheduler and statistics gathering for tasks on Arduino platform see Github and Arduino section.

News (February 2016) Optimal timing with new library

Release of updated and MUCH FASTER LiquidCrystal library for Arduino systems and updated PS2 Keyboard support see Github and Arduino section. The PS2Keyboard libraries are available from the Library Manager withing the Arduino IDE (V1.6.7 and above).

News (November 2015)

Finished re-purposing half a dozen old laptops (customer donations), with old drive swaps and loading Ubuntu on them, going to a local secondary school for class work and in at least one case for a disadvantaged student who has no computer for their homework. Lets see how long that lasts, knowing what teenagers are like with taking care of technology.

News (September 2015)

Shipped second batch of 'Arduino in a box' to local school for class work.

Arduino in a box - full kit

News (September 2015) PC-BOM for Eagle

Release of ULP - PCBOM V2.00 Customisable and saveable defaults Bill Of Materials ULP for Eagle CAD software.

News (August 2015)

Addition of update and new libraries for Eagle CAD software.

Updated TI/NXP Picogate library and NEW Neutrik XLR PCB full range library improved over standard Eagle distributed old library.

News (January 2014)

At ASE 2014 Conference (Association for Science Education) Exhibition attached to Conference on OCR Exam Board stand demonstrating Raspberry Pi with software and hardware for educational uses.

News (July 2013)

PHP Form processing Example. Completed a mini-site self contained example of contact form processing from multiple forms to email, available on request

Having been busy on various jobs, hope to be adding more examples of past projects soon some photos have been uploaded to our facebook page.

Currently in background extending the PHP tips section adding a section on include files and relative URLs. Scheduled is to add a sections on a menu system example and a self contained example you can download and test on your site, as well as finalising an email processing set of files as an example package.

News (September 2012)

First prototypes of range of GPIO expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi providing level translation and protection circuits.

News (August 2012)

Current Developments include a range of GPIO expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi providing level translation and protection circuits.

News (July 2012)

After recent hassles with Win 7 and Server 2008 and their silly wizards Updated Acronyms meanings.
Also updated Random Thoughts.

News (March 2012)

Addition of extra libraries for Eagle CAD software.

News (May 2011)

Addition of FAQs for Timing Diagram Font covering Technical and Licensing issues.

Addition of Random Thoughts on variety of topics..

News (March 2011)

Updated Timing Diagram Font method from download to request.

News (July 2010)

Updated FTDI chip library for Eagle software made available.

Addition of USB to SPI master board using FT2232D.

News (June 2010)

Updated Picogate library for Eagle software made available.

News (January 2010)

Add PHP/Database/styling/webpage tips section. Split various sections into better layout. General redesign of the site and additions.

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