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Extra Libraries for PCB software Eagle by
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Eagle PCB CAD software Libraries

This page is for extra libraries for Cadsoft Eagle CAD software for making schematics/PCBs. For more information on their software and other libraries please see the Cadsoft website.

All libraries unless otherwise stated have been used with Eagle V4.16r2 and above. Most have been used even with Eagle V6.2.0 with no problems. Libraries supplied by PC Services and made available on an AS IS basis, so check them before use.

All libraries have detailed description in the library giving details of devices supported.

Available Libraries

3M logo 3m™ series 8500 and 5100 PCB mount sockets
3m™ PCB sockets Centrebump polarisation to mate with Riboons cable header (PCB or Cable mounted)
Website - www.www.3m.com/interconnects/
con-3m-skt-header.lbr V1.1 (69,623 bytes), 3m PCB sockets 5100 and 8500 series.
Description page of library contents
7 Segment Displays in Various Mounting Configurations
7 segment LED displays in various mounting configurations including Aries Display Sockets Series 800 Vertisocket™
7seg.lbr (23,831 bytes), 7 segment LED displays in various configurations.
Description page of library contents
Aries logo Aries
Aries Display Socket Series 800 Vertisocket™.
Website - www.arieselec.com
aries.lbr V1.0 (78,081 bytes), Aries Display Sockets footprints.
Description page of library contents
Renesas logo Renesas (was Hitachi Semi)
H8 Microcontroller families H8/H8S/H8SX/H8-Tiny/H8SLP and more.
Website - eu.rensas.com
renesas.lbr V2.2 (192,568 bytes), H8 families.
Description page of library contents
TI logo Texas Instruments/NXP (was Philips Semiconductors) Picogates
NXP logo Picogates are useful devices providing a single gate in a small package. Anytime you want a single inverter or a single OR gate these devices are useful.
Website TI logic - www.ti.com/home_p_logic
Website NXP - www.nxp.com/products/logic/
picogate.lbr (13,023 bytes), 74*1Gxx in SOT23 and SOT353 packages.
Description page of library contents
Ramtron logo Ramtron Inc - FRAM
Ferro-electric memory devices, parallel and serial interface.
Website - www.ramtron.com
V2.0 - 9th January 2008 - fix to FM20L08
ramtron.lbr (22,310 bytes), FRAM devices mainly surface mount.
Description page of library contents
Pickering Relay logo Pickering Relays
SIL shielded relays with low current drive.
Website - www.pickeringrelay.com/sil.htm
relay-pickering.lbr (17,747 bytes), 101 and 107 series relays, TTL or 74HC drive.
Description page of library contents
FTDI logo FTDI - Future Technologies
USB controller chips
Website - www.ftdichip.com
ftdichip-3.lbr (25,984 bytes), FTxxxBM onwards and Viniculum device.
Description page of library contents
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