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Timing Diagram Font

When dealing with documentation of electronic circuits, it has always been difficult to put down basic timing diagrams into documents. Obviously with newer oscilloscopes and the like, it is often possible to capture events to insert into documents, but many aspects of documentation involve specifications, technical manuals and other documents to show parts of what is happening or is intended to happen, even some reports require diagrams which are not always easy to extract from imported data.

To this end I started off using Xwave a Truetype® font created several years ago by Joseph Palmer and is still available. I found this lacking in some aspects for my purposes, so created a new font. You may find that Xwave is more suitable for you, but I needed to be able to label parts of the signals like data values, have better transitions to and from Tri-state levels, as well as add breaks in the middle of the diagram (like ellipses '...' in quoted text). The final thing breaks means when doing a diagram of events like video processing it becomes possible to create a diagram which can skip sections of a video frame or line easily.

Having created and used it I decided to make this available for other engineers, for free usage and not for profit like a GPL license.

Due to the nature of fonts you cannot see the font until it is loaded on your system, however below are some images and links to images of the font and the crib sheet. Both of these are included in the supplied files.

Note this font is a Type A - Symbol font, Mapped as symbols like copyright, trademark and similar symbols in other fonts.

The Legal bit (before requesting)

PC Services acknowledges that TrueType is a registered Trademark of Apple Computer Inc.

This font is available for use to create documents for technical description. It is not available for resale in whole or part, for commercial usage in a product, magazines, books or other commercial media please contact us first, to discuss your licensing requirements. Basically I still retain ownership of the font.

Also see the Licensing FAQ section

This is provided on as is basis and should work on all systems supporting Truetype® fonts, as always test it on your system(s) first.


For reasons of keeping track of how popular the font is, please point other people to this web page.

In any correspondence with other parties remember to inform others that PC Services as the author and this website is noted as the ORIGINAL source

This font is NOT to be extracted into other fonts or font collections without prior agreement and licensing fees paid.

If you are not sure contact us

The image below is a GIF image of a Truetype® font so is not as clean as the font is, for character mappings see the Crib Sheet page

Small version of example of timing diagram

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