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UKNETNEWS - Copy of Genesis announcement

Copy of original announcement that brought
uk.* guidelines and committee into existence.

Newsgroups: uk.net.news,uk.announce
Path: clerew!chl
From: chl@clw.cs.man.ac.uk (Charles Lindsey)
Subject: Announcement from Demon, EUnet GB  UnipalmPIPEX news administrators
Message-ID: D8Gu8y.AKG@clw.cs.man.ac.uk
Followup-To: uk.net.news
Distribution: uk
Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 12:48:33 GMT
Expires: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 22:59:59 GMT
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                Statement from UnipalmPipex, Demon and EunetGB
                 Concerning the UK.* hierarchy within Usenet

The number of Usenet subscribers in the U.K. has been increasing at an
incredible rate.  In future Pipex, Demon and EunetGB will only support
uk.* newsgroups that fit within a hierarchy, so as to ensure orderly
and sustainable growth.

This means we don't intend to distribute new newsgroups with top level
names.  New groups will only be created within the proposed structure.
Existing groups will be expected to discuss their prefered position in
it.  We are also looking to establish a more orderly system for
creating new groups - one that will achieve widespread acceptance
within the Usenet community.

Pipex, Demon and EunetGB are the three major sites responsible for
bringing Usenet newgroups into the U.K. and for distributing them
nationwide.  Even for articles originating at sites within the U.K.,
it is likely that they will have passed through at least one of us
before reaching most other sites.

In the early days, it was acceptable for the uk.* hierarchy to be
essentially "flat", i.e. with most groups lying at the top level. This
is no longer the case.  Without a well-planned hierarchical structure
it is difficult to find groups on topics of interest, or to divine the
meaning of the somewhat obscure names that some newsgroups have
acquired.  More importantly from our point of view, it is next to
impossible to arrange selective distribution to sites which, for
whatever reason, do not wish to take "everything". There are only a
few, very exceptional, cases (the fingers of one hand should suffice
to count them) where a top level newsgroup can be justified in the
long term.

Recently, there has been astonishing growth in numbers of U.K. Usenet
subscribers.  With them the amount of traffic within uk.* groups and
the range of topics people wish to discuss, have also grown.  It is
clear that the newsgroups you see now are as nothing compared with
what you may see in a couple of years time.  Therefore we intend
neither subscribing to nor propagating top level groups (bar the most
exceptional reasons, as stated above). Moreover, we will seek to bring
about a situation where existing groups at the top level are moved as
and when suitable sub-hierarchies become established into which they
can logically fit.


Posted by chl@clw/cs/man/ac/uk (Charles Lindsey) as authorised by Demon,
EunetGB and UnipalmPIPEX.

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